Thea Roelofsen is a little girl who can be defined by her exuberance for life and her enviable ability to see only wonder and possibility around her.
Thea's mission was to spread kindness, joy, compassion, it was her mission to spread love. She did this through her many super powers; her thunderbolt thinking, overwhelming optimism, marvelous maturity, terrific tenacity, glorious grit, predictable positivity, spectacular strength, and empower empathy.
The Thea Roelofsen Legacy Fund has been set up to support local community projects and pediatric oncology in memory of Thea Roelofsen.
By wearing the purple THEA Love bracelets, or these great hats, we are reminded of that mission and our determination to carry it forward.
You are not only remembering Thea, but are directly supporting organizations in Alberta that contribute to the well-being and dignity of Children and Families struggling with a cancer crisis.