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The unique Zoombang viscoelastic polymer is a semi-solid silly-putty plastic like material. It's extremely soft at rest, so it will conform to any shape it is protecting. However it will instantly change characteristics and behave as a solid when impact is applied...but just for a second...then goes back it it's supple softness.

Zoombang padded shirts and shorts are designed to use alone, or to fit comfortably under standard pads to offer an extra layer of protection during play.
Zoombang impact protection technology is being used by some of the best athletes in professional leagues around the world. NHL, NFL, CFL, KHL, NBA,  name a few.  A handful of NHL teams use Zoombang Protective Gear as an integral part of their equipment, as well as NHL referees, and many goalies.


Watch Zoombang in action !

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  • Will not freeze, dry out, or melt. 
  • Is LOVED by recreational hockey players.
  • Is being used in equestrian saddle pads.
  • Has many applications outside of the sports world.
  • Has been approved by the NHL as a supplier for the professional teams in Canada, Europe and the USA.
  • Is the #1 impact protection product available. Want proof? Check it out