• ZOOMBANG - Baseball - Catcher's shirt

  • Zoombang 3 Piece Padded Tactical/Ballistic Shirt with Clavicle and Chest Protection.   Shirt made of the finest quality compression moisture wicking fabric.

    It provides protection against impact to the clavicle ribs and chest area using Zoombang's ZB-7 ballistic pad. 




     Zoombang® impact protection technology is being used by some of the best athletes in professional leagues around the world.

    Zoombang® Protective Gear™ was developed through a collaborative effort with some of the most respected professional trainers, equipment managers and athletes.
    The unique Zoombang® viscoelastic polymer is a semi-solid plastic like material that is extremely soft at rest and will conform to any shape. However it will instantly change characteristics and behave as a solid when impact is applied.
        Padded Shirts and Girdles
        Knee and Elbow pads
        Hand Protection
        Foot Protection
    Zoombang is being used for a vast arrays of applications outside of the sports world as well.

    The unique ability for these polymers to react in direct proportion to the energy applied sets it apart from any other form of added protection for athletes. An additional benefit is that our polymer, being fluid-like at rest, easily conforms to the individual player’s anatomy and helps fill voids between the athlete and traditional hard shell equipment. The result is an overall equipment fit that was previously impossibly to achieve.  Zoombang® will not freeze, dry out, or melt.

    Zoombang® has been approved by the NHL as a supplier for the professional teams in the US and Canada. A majority of NHL teams use Zoombang® Protective Gear™ as an integral part of their equipment.

    Note: These garments are made of the finest compression material. We suggest ordering one size larger than your normal size because the pads installed will eliminate some of the stretch of the compression material.

  • $ 135.00

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