We can help you with:

  • New, fully customized team sets
  • Spare practice jerseys
  • Custom sublimation
  • Wool and sublimated socks
  • Adding to your existing jerseys
  • Team jackets, hoodies and apparel
  • The best products on the market, in the way of protective shirts, to help reduce injuries.


Here are our 3 main suppliers who cover almost everything.

http://kobesportswear.com/mens/products/hockey/  - use the left hand column to navigate (starts with most expensive, then least, then socks, then the Team Series, which has some inexpensive gems.)
Take a look and let me know what you see.  Disregard the prices on Kobe...we sell for a bit less.

If you are having no luck there...check out the Athletic Knit catalog and let me know what see here. They have a few designs that Kobe does not. Most expensive to least...then to practice style. Prices between the two are pretty comparable.

We also work with an industry leader offering totally customized sublimated jerseys as an option.
Like this...



Send me a note with questions and for a quote on your team's customs.  thofer@otbathletic.com