• Team India Jersey

  • Pick up a piece of history and support in-need communities via hockey.

    On October 9, 2015, The Hockey Foundation, in partnership with the Ice Hockey Association of India and Brampton Beast (ECHL), staged a historic match between Team India and the Beast to help support ice hockey development in India.

    This commemorative jersey combines the primary colors of the Indian flag — orange, white and green — with the blue "sun" (Ashoka Chakra) that is prominent on the uniforms of other Indian national teams, and features a Bengal tiger on the chest. "India" appears under the tiger’s head in a unique "Indic" font, which is also used on the back of the jersey for each player’s name bar.  This font is also used in the background of the jersey, alongside Hindi and Punjabi, where the term "Chakde" is repeated in the 3 languages.  "Chakde" roughly translates to "Let's Go", which results in "Let's Go India" all over the jersey.


    Number 15 - In commemoration of Team India's first North American trip in 2015

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    All proceeds from these jersey sales benefit The Hockey Foundation's mission to provide access to hockey in remote regions, improve the quality of life and empower children through hockey. Watch the video out #HowHockeyHelps at https://youtu.be/Ezd2jSHPFX0 to find out more about The Hockey Foundation.  To order a game-worn jersey from the historic game, visit: http://hockeyfoundation.org/brampton-jerseys/.

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  • Team India Jersey
  • Team India Jersey

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